Thursday, 7 November 2013

ScooterBoy Global Launch

Modka Games is very proud to launch ScooterBoy:

ScooterBoy, free on the App Store, for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

ScooterBoy HD screenshot (click for full res)

Gameplay First

ScooterBoy brings back the classic feel of the arcade, updated with one button touch controls.  Of course you can jump and dodge to avoid obstacles, but in ScooterBoy you also swipe to change lanes, drop-boost to go faster, and there's loads of power ups and pickups to collect too.

"Scooter Boy!"

If you want to climb the high score ladder, you'll need to learn the mushroom's secrets.  Or you can simply relax and explore ScooterBoy's amazing world at your own pace.


Marmot, jumping with the shark.

Upgrade your scooter, choose new characters, hats, wheels and more..

Buy a friend!

Need a little something extra?  Why not buy a Pet from the store?  These cute little helpers will fly along and collect coins and points to boost your score.  You can even flick your pet to reach up even higher.


Bizzer in the PhotoBooth with his dragonfly.

Meanwhile, in the PhotoBooth:

  1. Choose a background and a frame.
  2. Take a photo of your ScooterBoy.
  3. Share with your friends.
  4. Repeat!


Download link for ScooterBoy
Did I mention the music?  ScooterBoy has nearly an hour of classic recordings from the 50s and 60s

Download, for free!

And the best part, ScooterBoy is free to download, and free to play!

So what are you waiting for?

Download ScooterBoy Now!


  1. There's another thing that makes this game special that's not yet mentioned here. Scooter Boy was made by a team of just TWO people. Just TWO dedicated, talented, hardworking guys who decide to go "indie" to make an awesome game that they believed in. Just take a look at the long credit list for any other comparable game to see what an achievement that is!

  2. technically, I'd say it's a least 3 people Renee, you are probably underestimating how much input you've had into the making of the game!